Manful Leather Messenger Bag Featured on Daily Mom

Manful Leather Messenger Bag Featured on Daily Mom

🚀 Manful was recently featured on the trending website Daily Mom. The fine folks at Daily Mom were interested in spotlighting the Leather Messenger Bag (link) that our customers have grown to love.

🎒 Our Leather Messenger Bag was one of 19 products highlighted in their post, "Travel Gear: 19 Of The Best Summer Travel Finds For Families" (link). You should check out the link; a summary of the full post is below:

"Travel gear is a must for families once school is out for summer! Whether you and the family are flying to a tropical destination or driving across the country, it’s important to have the correct travel gear to ensure your trip is organized and full of great memories. This guide has everything from portable coolers to water bottles to playing cards and stylish messenger bags. We have thought of everything you need to keep your trip smooth and full of adventure."

🙏 Thank you to Daily Mom for their fine recommendation of our Leather Messenger Bag. A snippet of their review is below as well. Check out the link for many other travel essentials for your summer road trips!

"Making your summer traveling experience enjoyable depends on choosing the right bag as part of your travel gear. In order to get the best experience, the ideal bag should be large enough to store all your essentials as well as lightweight, comfy, and hands-free, allowing you to easily sight-see while you travel and capture lots of pictures. That’s why everyone loves the Leather Messenger bags from Manful. This chic bag can hold everything from your iPad to your smartphone and all your travel essentials. This fashionable bag comes with adjustable straps and a separate pouch for your smartphone and a wide variety of pockets.
The super-soft bag is made of synthetic leather, and the slim design is only 6.3″ wide and 13.4″ tall and features convenient slots for USB charging and headphones. So if you are looking for a messenger bag with a minimalist design that will keep all your travel gear safe, you can always trust Manful."


🛒 Shop the Leather Messenger Bag from Manful today! Boasting the following great features at our always competitive prices!

  1. Slim & Compact Design - features clutch USB charging and a convenient slot to feed your headphones through. The shoulder strap is adjustable and features a high-quality reinforced design.
  2. Great Color Choices - designer look and you can choose from three colors of synthetic leather: Dark Brown (Coffee), Black, and Light Brown.
  3. Loads of Room - uniquely designed at 6.3" wide, 13.4" tall, and 3.9" deep to store more than you can ever imagine. The Leather Messenger Bag packs the punch with multiple pockets for all your belongings.
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